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Power of Attorney for a Single Director Company

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A Power of Attorney is a legal document which gives a trusted person power to manage your affairs for you. This suite of documents allows you to create a Power of Attorney for a single director company. This suite includes:

  • A letter of advice to the client, in plain language, explaining the need and the means.
  • An instrument by the company granting a broad but effective power of attorney.
  • A resolution of the company approving the appointment.
  • A letter to the company submitting the power for execution.
  • A letter from the company to the attorney giving instructions.
  • A statement of the attorney’s powers and duties.
  • A bill for the service.
  • A concluding report enclosing a certified copy of the power.
  • A background briefing for a legal advisor, where trusts are involved.

The once-only fee for the full suite is $399 including GST.

We believe this represents excellent value for the investment, and will most likely be recouped on your first job.  Meanwhile we are working with Garry through his vast collection of templates and intend to release more suites in the near future.



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Garry Barnsley, OAM LLB practised law at Bowral in the NSW Southern Highlands for 40 years. He retired from legal practice in 2011.

The quality of his advice, from a broad base of legal knowledge and life experience, gained him a reputation among his clients for soundness and practicality.

Mr Barnsley has long championed the avoidance of legalese in letters and documents. Instead, he uses ‘plain language’ for clarity and understanding.

In 1993 he was commissioned by the Law Society of NSW to be the primary draftsman of a new Law Society lease, the first of its kind to be written in plain-language style.

Today, the prototype Law Society Lease, from which later forms have emerged, remains the template for the most widely used business leases in NSW.

 A prolific writer on topical legal issues, Mr Barnsley’s informative columns and articles have appeared regularly in newspapers, bulletins and journals.

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Eric Kalde is the author of over 300 +  practice guides published through the leading Australian legal publishers Precedents Online.
Lawyers all over Australia rely on Eric Kalde’s precedents and practice guides in their legal practice.

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