Loan Agreements

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Loan Agreements now include a free calculator

Loan Calculators are included Free!   Drawing up a loan agreement is easy with out precedents, but what about calculating repayments?  Loan repayments are typically calculated using a formula called amortisation. Loan amortisation is the breaking down of a loan...

Mortgage Loan Agreement (Short)

precedents online Mortgage Loan Agreement Search for:  Download in Word  Money Back Guarantee ~ Safe And Secure l Written by Lawyers Mortgage Loan Agreement (Short)     A short (10 page) Mortgage loan agreement including clauses relating to: ·        ...

Loan Agreement Template

Download a  Loan Agreement Template for an agreement between a Lender and a Borrower. This template is a formal way of setting out the terms and conditions of the loan.

PPSR Loan Agreement Template

This PPSR Loan Agreement Template provides the precedents needed to create loans secured by registration on the personal property security register (PPSR). It covers commercial loans to companies, secured by registration over circulating and non-circulating assets. The precedent loan agreement creates of a security interest that may be attached and registered on the PPSR.

Mortgage Loan Agreement

A comprehensive (38 page) Mortgage document that may be used as a stand-alone document. For registration Mortgages dated on or after the 3rd of March 2018 must be lodged on the National Mortgage form.

Division 7A Loan Agreement

Division 7A Loan Agreement documents regarding borrowing money from a private company which can have serious pitfalls if not done correctly. Directors and shareholders often borrow money from their companies. Care must be taken so that the ATO does not deem these loans to be dividends, and tax them accordingly.