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A Joint Will is important even though you may not consider yourself rich, but no matter where you believe you stand on the socio-economic ladder, you always need a Joint Will. Be careful that you don’t undervalue your true wealth, or what you might be worth within a relatively short time.

A joint will for couples template is much, much more than the mere transfer of an inventory of assets. It is a legal document…. You can download a will for couples instantly here.

This joint will is made for use by married couples who want to leave their estate to each other. Suitable for couples who are married, defacto or planning to marry. You don’t always need your lawyer to write your joint will if it is a basic joint will — one that leaves a home, investments, and personal items to your loved ones.

Also known as a  will for couples is a single will that’s signed by two people, usually a married couple, leaving all their assets to each other. …

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Will Signing Instructions

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What is it?

A joint will is a single will document created and signed by two or more individuals, usually a married couple, that outlines the disposition of their combined estates upon their deaths.

Key Elements to a Joint Will

Key Features of a Joint Will

  1. Single Document: A joint will is a single legal document that covers the estate plans of both parties.
  2. Mutual Agreement: The will typically reflects the shared intentions of both individuals regarding the distribution of their assets.
  3. Binding Nature: Once one party passes away, the joint will often becomes irrevocable, meaning the surviving party cannot alter the terms of the will.
  4. Distribution Plan: It details how the combined estates will be managed and distributed after the death of one spouse and subsequently after the death of the surviving spouse.


Will signing instructions

The following instructions will help you sign your Will. Please call us if you have any questions. Before signing your Will please read the Will itself and these instructions carefully.

How to Sign your Will

You must sign and date your Will in the presence of two witnesses at the same time. It is best that all three persons use the same pen as proof of the fact that they were together at the same time.

Your witnesses should not be beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries under your Will. There is a presumption at law that a beneficiary who has also witnessed a Will may have used undue influence to obtain a gift in the Will. The law therefore invalidates gifts to beneficiaries who serve as witnesses. The same applies to spouses of beneficiaries.

Subject to the above, your Will can be witnessed by anyone who is of sound mind and at least 18 years old.

You should review your Will in the presence of your witnesses, then sign it on the last page and the foot of every page, using your normal full signature (not initials).  Take care not to miss any pages. Then write the date on your Will.

Both witnesses must see you sign your Will. They also need to see each other sign as witnesses. This requires you and your witnesses to be present at the same time.

Your witnesses should view every page so they can confirm, if asked, that there were no amendments when you signed your Will.  They do not, however, need to read the Will or know what it says.

After you have signed and dated your Will the first witness must then sign at the bottom of each page and at the end of the Will immediately below the attestation clause (located on the last page) in the space provided.  The second witness then follows this same procedure. The witnesses should include their full names, occupations and addresses so they can be located in the future if it becomes necessary for them to verify that you signed the Will. You should confirm that each witness has signed where required.  Do this while they are all still in the same room. Finally, make sure all pages of your Will are stapled together.

Storing Your Will

Keep your Will in a safe place and tell your executors where you have put the original.  You may also consider giving your executors a copy of the Will. There is no requirement to register your will or do anything else with it.

Reviewing Your Will

You should make a diary note to have us review your Will in a few years’ time so you can be sure it still suits your needs. And you should review your Will sooner if you marry, divorce or have a child. Marriage or divorce has the effect of revoking all previous Wills.


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