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Binding Financial Agreement After DivorceBinding Financial Agreement after Divorce


Binding Financial Agreement after Divorce is intended to avoid the need for Court proceedings. It is a versatile document as it can be entered into after divorce in order to record an agreement as to the division of assets between the parties.




 This Binding Financial Agreement After Divorce 90D Includes:-

Table of contents

  1. Assets and liabilities.
  2. Payment
  3. Transfer of real property.
  4. Sale of real property.
  5. Moveable possessions.
  6. Superannuation.
  7. General provisions.
  8. Maintenance [Delete if not applicable]
  9. Independent legal advice.
  10. Taxes.
  11. Claims for provision out of the estate of a deceased party.
  12. Notices.
  13. Governing law and jurisdiction. 9
  14. Further assurance.

Execution page.

ANNEXURE A – Assets and liabilities.

 After divorce: s 90D

Binding Financial Agreements for parties who are divorced .

14 pages long.



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Binding Financial Agreement (“BFA”) can be entered into at any time, that is: Before the relationship or marriage (sometimes referred to as a “pre-nuptialagreement“) During the relationship or marriage. … After divorce in the case ofmarried couples.

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