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The Complete Family Law Practice Manual by Peter Szabo

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The Family Law Practice ManualFamily Law Practice Manual

by Peter Szabo

The Family Law Practice Manual by Peter Szabo is the definitive practice manual for Family Law in Australia. It contains detailed commentary, and precedents.

The Family Law Practice Manual  include letters, pleadings, court forms and other documents needed in the practice of Family Law. The precedents are fully formatted in Microsoft Word, ready to download and use immediately. Access is instantaneous – you receive an email with all the material attached automatically as soon as payment is processed.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 The first Interview

  • Making the Appointment
  • Handouts to be given to your client
  • Costs
  • Legal Aid
  • Legal aid Locations
  • Certification that Brochures were given to your client
  • Using a Family Law instruction sheet
  • Confirming instructions in writing
  • Example Letter
  • Ordering your client’s financial affairs
  • Pension entitlements
  • The Child Support Agency
  • Wills
  • Further Assistance for Family Law practitioners
  1. CHAPTER 2 Pre action procedures
  2. CHAPTER 3 Choice of Court
  3. CHAPTER 4 Court documents and administrative essentials
  4. CHAPTER 5 Application for a Divorce
  5. CHAPTER 6 Dispensing with Service
  6. CHAPTER 7 Financial applications
  7. CHAPTER 8 Parenting applications
  8. CHAPTER 9 Spousal Maintenance
  9. CHAPTER 10 Child maintenance outside CSA assessments
  10. CHAPTER 11 Child support departure applications
  11. CHAPTER 12 Interim and urgent applications
  12. CHAPTER 13 Consent orders
  13. CHAPTER 14 Financial Agreements
  14. CHAPTER 15 Appeals and Reviews
  15. CHAPTER 16 Costs
  16. CHAPTER 17 Resources and Papers
  17. This practice guide includes over 200 precedents! 


Family Law Tax Issues

About Peter Szabo

‘An Accredited Specialist in Family Law, Peter was the founding Chairman of the Advisory Committee to the Accreditation Board for Family Law Specialists in Victoria. He is also a trained Collaborative lawyer and Mediator. Specialties: Accredited Specialist Family Lawyer- Victorian Law Institute, Fellow of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (, Director, Family Business Consultants network (’



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