general advertising contract

General Advertising Agency Agreement Template ready to download in word format.

General Advertising Contract

Between an advertising company and advertiser.

Covers all forms of print and broadcast media, including terms relating to:

  • commencement and duration
  • advertising
  • sales promotion material
  • market research
  • special assignments
  • out of pocket expenses
  • payment
  • approvals
  • property and copyright
  • advertising standards

Client and campaign details located in Schedule to the agreement.

This basic advertising agreement is fully formatted in Microsoft word, ready to download edit and use.

This advertising agreement template is 8 pages long.


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Advertising Contract Template

Advertising agreements are typically made between a advertising agency and a person or company.

For example, the agreement could be between a website and a person or company wanting to run ads on the website.

As a result an Advertising Agreement is a good idea to protect both parties are protected if something should go wrong or if there is a misunderstanding.

In this Advertising Agreement you should look out for such specifics in contract.

Commencement and duration
Sales promotion material
Market research
Special assignments
Out of pocket expenses
Property and copyright
Advertising standards

Don’t leave anything to chance or guesswork. If there are terms of service or any type of restriction, that information will also be needed. You don’t want a situation later where the other party to the contract tries to say that you did or did not agree to something when that wasn’t your intention.

What is legal and binding is what you both agree to, so add any and all information you’re both agreeing to, in order to protect both of you. Lastly, sign and date the contract, and have the other party do the same. Then you’re both ready to proceed with the actual advertising.

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