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Coaching Fee Agreements is for a coach to use with their clients. Life coaches, performance coaches and personal coaches. This Coaching Agreement have three parts – disclosure, a fee agreement and a final page for clients to fill in their personal information.

As a Coach or Mentor, this is the most important document you need. It should be tailored to your specific client, detailing the services you are providing, and be signed by them. A well written Coaching Services Agreement will provide you with legal protection and show your client you are a professional operator.

The table of contents for a Coaching Agreement is shown below:

Coaching Fee Agreement


1.1 Estimates
1.2 Time based billing
1.3 Professional Fees
1.4 Expenses & Disbursements
1.5 Estimate of Costs
1.6 Billing arrangements
1.7 Payment terms
1.8 Interest on unpaid costs
1.9 Persons responsible for your matter and legal costs
1.10 Substantial changes to disclosure
1.11 Coaching Engagements


2.1 Offer
2.2 Acceptance
2.3 Termination of Agreement
2.4 Lien
2.5 Retention of your documents
2.6 Privacy Protection
2.7 Electronic Communication
2.8 Security for costs
2.9 Disclaimer
2.10 Applicable law


3.1 Contact Information
3.2 Employment Information
3.3 Personal Information

This Coaching Agreement is Ready to download and edit to suit your needs. Delete the parts you don’t need, add your letterhead and you are ready to go.

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Coaching Agreement for Naturecare students: this is the ‘terms and conditions’ document I referred to in the presentation on 23 August. Log in and enter your discount code to download.

Eric Kalde is a lawyer, author and a qualified coach himself, completing a Certificate in Transpersonal Coaching qualification in 2010.


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