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Company Constitutions

company constiution

Company Constitution Templates

The Constitution of a Company is a legally required document that governs the running of the Company. It covers matters including-

  • Structure
  • Objectives
  • Directors Roles,
  • Power and Entitlements
  • Meetings
  • Voting
  • Classes of Shares
  • Transferring Shares,
  • Cancellation of Shares
  • Profits and Dividends
  • General administration

The Constitution for a  Company  usually needs to be retained with the Company Records. All constitutions are fully formatted in Microsoft word, ready to download edit and use

Public company constitution

A Public Company Constitution Agreement differs from a proprietary Limited company by being able to have more than 50 shareholders.

pty ltd company constitution

A  Proprietary Company (a Company Limited by Shares) must have a constitution. It doesn’t need to be lodged with ASIC, but a copy must be kept with the company’s records.

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