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Will for Blended Family

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A blended family is a family in which one or both partners have a child or children from a previous relationship. Careful estate planning now should ensure that all of your intended beneficiaries are provided for when you die and that the potential for conflict within the family unit is minimised.

Wills involving a husband and a wife with one or more children of their marriage generally make wills of a fairly standard
nature – they leave their assets to each other, or failing that they leave their mutual assets to their children.

A will for a blended family is drawn up when when two partners come together with one or both partners having children from a previous relationship

A Will for a Blended Familiy

This information is not legal information provided by Precedents Online or it’s Authors.  It is for General Information only and to be used accordingly.

A “blended family” is a family where one or both spouses each have children from a prior marriage. In a Will for a traditional family (one where the children are children of both spouses), most Wills will leave all assets to the surviving spouse and upon the death of the surviving spouse to their common children.

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