Loan Agreement Template

Download Loan Agreement Template in word format.  Download once, save and reuse as you need.

Simple Loan Agreement for unsecured loan.


Loan Agreement Template

Download a  Loan Agreement Template for an agreement between a Lender and a Borrower. This template is a formal way of setting out the terms and conditions of the loan.

The Loan Agreement Template includes:-

  • 1.1 Definitions
  • 1.2 Interpretation
  • 2          Loan
  • 3          Interest
  • 4          Repayment
  • 5          Early repayment
  • 6          Guarantor guarantee and indemnity
  • 7          Costs
  • 8.1 Counterparts
  • 8.2 Force majeure
  • 8.3 Further assurance
  • 8.4 Governing law and jurisdiction
  • 8.5 Notices
  • 8.6 Service of notices
  • 8.7 Severability
  • 8.8 Survival  & merger
  • 8.9 Variation
  • 8.10    Waiver
  • 8.11    Warranties and representations
  • 8.12    Whole agreement
  • 1. the initial amount being borrowed
  • 2. how it is repaid
  • 3. any interest payable
  • 4. guarantors

The lender may be a human or a company. The Borrower can be a human or a company.

It is important that the Borrower fully understands the nature of what they are agreement sets out and the consequences of not repaying can be very serious and may be followed by debt collection







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