Equipment Lease Agreement

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Equipment Lease Agreement​

Equipment Lease Agreement for lease / hire of agreement for a permitted purpose.

Includes PPS provisions.

The Equipment Lease Agreement includes provisions relating to:

  • Term
  • Lease,
  • Title,
  • Risk,
  • Possession,
  • Collection,
  • Use,
  • Repairs & Maintenance,
  • Reports & Records,
  • Access & Inspection,
  • Safety & Compliance,
  • Acknowledgements,
  • Lease Fee,
  • Net Lease,
  • Confidentiality, Intellectual Property Rights,
  • Insurance, Warranties,
  • Liability & Indemnity, Termination,
  • Events on Termination,
  • Security, Sale or Transfer,
  • Records & Audit,
  • Disputes,
  • Taxes,
  • Notices,
  • Assignment,
  • Set Off,
  • Publicity,
  • Severability,
  • Precedence,
  • Entire Agreement,
  • Waiver,
  • Further Assurances,
  • Variations,
  • Advice,
  • Counterparts,
  • Cumulative Rights,
  • Costs and Governing Law

21 pages long





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