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Real Estate Consultancy Agreement

Consultancy Agreement Contract # 3

This Consultancy Agreement Contract # 3 is most suitable for sales of real estate for commission only. Consultant is a sales consultant bearing all its own costs and disbursements and generating sales of real estate. Remuneration is by commission only and consultant is wholly independent.

This Consultancy Agreement Contract # 3 includes:-

  • This agreement contains the following clauses:
  • Definitions
  • Appointment
  • General
  • Compliance
  • Consistency with company policies and sales material
  • Referral of potential purchasers
  • Confidentiality
  • Supply of materials, equipment and training
  • Fee for service
  • Lead generation
  • Complaints
  • No reliance upon representations
  • Acquaintance with relevant documentation
  • Consultant to operate at own risk and expense
  • Termination by the consultant
  • Termination by the company
  • Consequences of termination
  • No relationship of agency, partnership or employment
  • Governing law
  • Notices
  • Interpretation
  • Miscellaneous.

10 pages long.


Consultancy Agreements

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