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Buy Online Legal Agreements Australia with Precedents Online as you need them.   With  no ongoing memberships or subscriptions required, this website is simple to use.   All Legal Documents have all been written by practising lawyers and best selling legal authors.

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To find the Online Legal Documents Australia, look at the list on your left.  This is the menu alphabetically arranged by subject. Using the search function in the top right hand corner on the screen will take you to the Precedent you are looking for.  Try browsing the topics under the heading ‘Subjects’ in the column to the right of your screen. If you have no success, please do not hesitate to contact us on the contact page.  We will do our best to find you the correct Legal Template for you.You don’t have to fill out long and complex forms.

All our Online Legal Contracts are ready to download fully formatted in Microsoft Word.

Kalde & Associates

Eric Kalde has over 20 years experience as a commercial lawyer. The firm is based in Crows Nest and covers a wide range of commercial law. Previously a best-selling author on Smokeball prior to publishing on our site.


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Eric Kalde

Eric Kalde

Commercial Law Specialist

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Peter Szabo

Family Law Specialist

Matthiew Daniels

Matthiew Daniels


Anthony Jucha

Anthony Jucha


Do I need an Independent Contractors Agreement?

Independent Contractors certainly have a lot to consider when operating their business, and an  Independent Contractor Agreement is very important to protect your business. For example, establishing details and the nature of the partnership can provide protection for...

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How getting Married or Divorced can affect your will

Are you are getting married for the first time or are you separating from a relationship, you should know how these events may have an impact on your current will. WILL FOR GETTING MARRIED (or in contemplation) When you are legally married in NSW your current will is...

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Special Conditions for Contract for Sale of Business

Special Conditions Contract for Sale of Business in New South Wales is done with the Contract for Business created by The Law Society of New South Wales.

For each edition, practitioners have been formulating their own Special Conditions. For whatever reason, each edition of standard terms produced by the Law Society of New South Wales spawns its own unofficial  special conditions which filter through the profession, attached to clients’ contracts.

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