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Great book with all the editable precedents
Buy Sell Agreement with Corporate Trustee
Extremely helpful and affordable for my small business.
Buy Sell Agreement
Great option for a small business with straightforward needs.
Easy as always
I’ve used this site over the years for quick templates to build and modify from. Saves a great deal of work and ensures I have up to date changes already made for me when I need.
Confidentiality Agreement
I have used Precedents Online and do find their product very well written and clear.
Title clear and helpful
Very good precedent - only comment would be to provide some examples or comments if each clause is essential to create a binding financial agreement and, if optional, 1 or 2 brief examples of circumstances where the relevant clause could be excluded. Otherwise, great work and I will certainly use precedents online again, cheers!
Your Legal Documents
Thanks for the great downloads. Great for starting a small legal practice.
Great service. Fast response and a good price. Easy to follow the download procedure. Would definitely use again.

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Australian Legal Templates with Precedents Online contains a collection of over 300 legal templates.  Download as you need them.   The Online Legal Document Provider supplies legal documents which have all been written by practising lawyers and best selling legal authors. Legal Templates Australia

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All Precedents Online Templates are written by Australian Legal Authors and Lawyers.

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Loan Agreement

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To find the legal documents look in the menu. This Legal Template menu is alphabetically arranged by subject. Using the search function on the screen will take you to the Legal Precedent you are looking for.   If you have no success, please do not hesitate to contact us on the contact page.  We will do our best to find you the correct Legal Template for you.You don’t have to fill out long and complex forms.

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The Online Legal Forms Provider supplies legal templates which is Australian owned and all Legal Templates have all been written by practising lawyers and best selling legal authors.

Online Legal Templates

Eric Kalde

Eric Kalde is the author of over 30 practice guides published through the leading Australian legal publishers Precedents Online. Lawyers all over Australia rely on Eric Kalde’s precedents and practice guides in their legal practice. Legal Templates Australia


Meet Our Authors

Eric Kalde
Eric Kalde

Commercial Law Expert & Legal Author

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Peter Szabo

Lawyer - Family Law Expert

Anthony Juca
Anthony Juca


Matthew S. Daniels
Matthew S. Daniels

Barrister at Law


I’ve used this site over the years for quick templates to build and modify from. Saves a great deal of work and ensures I have up to date changes already made for me when I need.
Samantha Riley


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