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Terms & Conditions – (Sale of Goods & Services)terms & conditions sale of goods & services

Comprehensive terms for the supply, delivery and installation of goods condensed into one page. It may be added to a letter of offer, quotation or similar document Includes:

  • Offer and acceptance of terms
  • Payment of Deposit
  • Liability, fitness for purpose
  • Installation of goods
  • Right of supplier to register a PPSA security interest.
  • Romalpa clause
  • Delivery and installation
  • Risk
  • Limitation of Liability for the supplier
  • Exclusion of consequential loss

Suitable for supply of product, includes clauses relating to delivery and installation. If certain aspects are not required this precedent may easily be amended by deletion. Fully formatted in Microsoft word, ready to download edit and use. 1 pages long. (2,572 words)



Terms & Conditions Agreement is a (T&Cs)  contains a compact, one page document. All the important terms appear on one page of A4 paper. Another precedent is specifically designed for online sales. Both are formatted in Word format and may be easily amended as required.

When drafted correctly, T&Cs: Document by:- Small Business GOVT
• are legally binding
• set out the rights and obligations (for you and
your customers), relating to the sale of products or
provision of services
• outline what customers can expect when dealing
with your business and how problems or disputes
will be dealt with
• state how and when goods or services should be
paid for, and what will happen if payments are not
made in line with the contract
• help protect your business and may limit your
liability in certain circumstances

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