Distributor Agreements Bundle

Distributor-agreement-1-docsonline-compressed     Distributor Agreement TemplatesDownload our Bundle of Distributor Agreement Templates in word format.  Save, edit and reuse as you need. Back to Main Menu PRECEDENTS ONLINE   ONLINE LEGAL DOCUMENTS...

Will Templates Bundle

Will-for-blended-families-compressed     WILL TEMPLATES BUNDLEDownload Will Bundle word format.  Save money with the Wills Bundle, simply save, edit and reuse as many times as you need. Back to Main Menu PRECEDENTS ONLINE   ONLINE LEGAL DOCUMENTS  ...

Contracts of Employment Bundle

Employment-Contract-docsonline-compressed     Employment ContractsDownload and Save with the Employment Contracts Bundle.  Download in word, save and reuse. Back to Main Menu PRECEDENTS ONLINE   ONLINE LEGAL DOCUMENTS     Employment Contracts...

Shareholders Agreement Bundle

A Shareholders Agreement is a contract between the shareholders of a company. Shareholders Agreements govern the relationship between shareholders in a company. A Shareholders Agreement covers business arrangements, rights, responsibilities, obligations and liabilities of shareholders.

Debt Recovery Bundle

The first step in Debt Recovery is a well worded letter of demand. It is helpful to recommend a client issue a demand of their own. This puts the debtor on notice that they are seriously overdue and foreshadows the matter being passed to a solicitor. After the client’s demand a formal letter of demand should come from the solicitor’s office. The Debt Recovery bundle download includes three letters of demand and a Statement of Claim so you can take the matter to court if the debt is not paid.

Franchise Agreement Australia Bundle

Franchise Agreements Australia Bundle is available now on Precedents Online.  Save time and money and purchase the bundle.  Australia is the most franchised country in the world. The growth in franchised businesses in Australia has been enormous. This is where Franchise Agreements become important to your business model.

Unit Trust Deed Bundle

Trust Deeds including Free Samples are Precedents including the two most popular Trust Deeds available, as well as a Unit holder Agreement;Family Trusts (also known as Discretionary Trusts) andUnit Trusts (normally used in business situations)Unit Holder Agreement Where a Unit Trust is used, it is normally accompanied by a Unit Holder’s Agreement. A Unit Holder’s Agreement is an agreement between owners of units in a Unit Trust about what to do when a unit holder dies, wants to sell their units, and contains agreements about how to run the Trust and the underlying business.

Online Legal Documents

Business Advertising Agreements Advertising Agreement Advertising Clauses Exclusive Advertising Agreement Agency Agreements Exclusive Agency Agreement Purchasing Agent Agreement Agency Agreement for a Sole Agent Agent Agreement to Manufacture Overseas Agreement for...
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