Leasing in NSW during Covid 19

Updated Practice Guide in word format.

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Updated Practice Guide and Precedents


Leasing (Covid 19) package

The precedent package includes an initial letter to the lessee setting the ground rules, requesting information and outlining the lessee’s responsibilities. There is also a Deed of Temporary Variation of Lease so that agreements when reached are captured in writing.

The practice guides include a practice guide on the National Cabinet Mandatory Code Of Conduct and a further practice guide on the subsequent laws enacted in New South Wales. When you purchase this guide you receive all practice guides and precedents emailed to you immediately.

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Precedents included:

  1. Letter  –  precedent – initial response to a tenant who approaches landlord for a rent reduction
  2. Letter –  precedent – to landlord advising
  3. Application form for rent relief
  4. Letter from landlord to tenant in holding over
  5. Letter from landlord to tenant requesting information
  6. Letter from landlord to tenant with two years or less to run on the lease
  7. Deed of Temporary Variation of Lease – precedent
  8. Practice guide
  9. Copy of the National Cabinet Mandatory Code of Conduct

Any rent concessions should be documented precisely to protect both the landlord and the tenant. Further, they should be in the form of a Deed. Legislation governing real estate in most states and territories requires that real estate instruments be in the form of a deed in order to effect a change3 in the interest in land. Most of the arrangements being put in place as the result of the coronavirus are temporary. The Deed precedent makes it clear that that once conditions return to normal the original terms of the lease are resumed.

This precedent set gives you forms of a Deed for the Temporary Variation of a Lease that can be used for commercial tenancies, industrial tenancies and retail tenancies.


Leasing (Covid 19) package for landlords.

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Leasing (Covid 19) package

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