There is a difference between a legal will and a will that works. A legal will is one that gives your property away to other people after you die. A will that works is one that gives it to the people you want to receive it. A legal will can still work to give your property away.  But it may give it away in a way you did not intend?

Will Kits.  Are they Legal?

Most will kits and online will services focus on ‘legal will’. Creating a will that is merely ‘legal’ is easy. It needs to be in writing, and signed in the right way. Will Kits – Legal will. The question most people should be asking is:

Does my will work?

You create your will to work in a certain way. You will want particular individuals to receive all or some of your posessions. Make sure that if selected people die before others, then the other people of your choosing get your wealth. We may want our spouse, children and relatives to be looked after also. You will also want to protect the assets of your estate from being claimed by creditors.

Does your will work to do all this?

How do I get my will checked?

A solicitor with expertise knows how to make wills work.  We review lots of wills for people who are not sure if it does what they want it to do. They may have made it a long time ago, or done it yourself.

Can up update my will?

You can change or update your will at any time, as many times as you like.

When should I update my will?

You should certainly create a new will once you marry or divorce. One of the legal effects of marriage and divorce is to revoke all previous wills you have made.

What happens if I don’t have a will?

There is government legislation in place that dictates where all your money and assets go if you have not made a will. I depends on who is around at the time of your death, who needs it and who claims it. You have no say in it. It is impossible to predict.