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Advertising Contracts 

Advertising Contracts include Online Precedents Agreements that relate to advertising:  

  • General advertising contract
  • Website advertisement terms and conditions
  • Exclusive advertising contract

Speciality Online Precedents:

  • Celebrity endorsement consent and release
  • Advertising clauses.

Advertising Contracts

General Advertising Contract

A general advertising contract between an advertising company and advertiser. This advertising contract covers all forms of print and broadcast media, including terms relating to:

  • Commencement and duration
  • Advertising
  • Sales promotion material
  • Market research
  • Special assignments
  • Payment
  • Approvals
  • Property and copyright
  • Advertising standards
  • Schedule: Client & campaign details located in Schedule to the agreement.

8 pages long.

Website Advertisement Terms & Conditions

Website Advertisement Terms and conditions for placing an advertisement on a website. These website terms and conditions include terms that cover:

  • Payment
  • Positioning
  • Renewal
  • No Assignment Or Resale Of Ad-Space
  • Limitation Of Liability
  • Force Majeur
  • Advertiser Warranties
  • Indemnity
  • Provision Of Advertising Materials
  • Right To Reject Advertisements
  • Cancellations
  • Construction
  • Miscellaneous
  • SCHEDULE: Campaign Summary. Details of the advertising Summary Schedule.

8 pages long.

Exclusive Advertising Contract

Exclusive Advertising Agreements Contract appointing an exclusive agent to conduct advertising campaigns, including:

  • defining scope of services;
  • remuneration for various types of work;
  • cancellation policy;
  • ownership of material created;
  • termination rights of agent; and
  • termination rights of client.

Client and campaign details located in Schedule to the agreement. 7 pages long.

Celebrity Endorsement Consent & Release

Written consent given by a celebrity for use of their image or likeness in an advertising campaign.  Includes:

  • consent and release;
  • assignment of copyright; and
  • provision for signature by parent or guardian where the celebrity is a child.

3 pages long.

Advertising Contract Clauses

Advertising Contract Clauses for insertion into contracts.  Clauses cover:

  • Policy 
  • Approval of material
  • Franchise advertising
  • Force majeure
  • Assignment
  • Conditions of default
  • Discontinuance of display in certain places
  • Supply of advertising materials.

3 pages long.

Copyright Agreements

Terms & Conditions Agreements

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