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Family Law Matters…. A WOMAN has taken a  hotel to court to get details of a man she believes may be the father of her son.

The woman, spent three nights in the hotel in Eastern Germany, with a man only known to her as Michael — but nine months later she gave birth to a boy.

Now, seven years later, she took the hotel to court to try and force them to reveal her lover’s full identity, so he can pay child support.

The court rejected the woman’s legal bid, arguing that it could unduly breach the privacy of four men with that name who were registered at the hotel during the period.

Publishing its decision under the title ‘Father Roulette’, The Telegraph reports that the court wrote: “This right is affected by the exposure of the data because as a result, the possibility of [the man having] a sexual relationship with the complainant, as the mother of the child, would be irrefutably placed in the room.”

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