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Wills + Free Samples

Wills + Free Samples

This collection contains two wills.

Each Will comes with signing instructions. The Will signing instructions appear on the last page of the will document and can be printed out as separate page or deleted.

The signing instructions do not form part of the will.

Did you know half of all Australians die without a will, according to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, meaning the law decides where your assets go, potentially favouring relatives you resent.

Making a will is vital, but can cost from $150 to thousands of dollars, if you use professional channels. Here are some online wills to help you do it your self written by lawyers that specialise in this field.

Keep your will valid and up to date as your legal rights change, specifically if you marry, divorce or separate; have children or grandchildren; if your spouse or beneficiaries die; or if you have a significant change in financial circumstances.

Will for a Single Person Sample

Will-single-FREE SAMPLE

You may not consider yourself rich, but no matter where you believe you stand on the socio-economic ladder, you always need a Will. Be careful that you don’t undervalue your true wealth, or what you might be worth within a relatively short time.

A Will is much, much more than the mere transfer of an inventory of assets. It is a legal document….

Will for couples

A Will for couples is made for use by couples who want to leave their estate to each other. Suitable for couples who are married, defacto or planning to marry.

7 pages long.

Will for Couples Free Sample

Will-couples-FREE SAMPLE


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