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Trusts have proven to be a powerful asset protection tool for those who have them. A fact that was brought to light in the pandemic. We have seen a dramatic increase in inquiries as people realise how valuable they can be.  A trust can be created while you are living (Discretionary and Unit Trusts) and after you die (Testamentary Trusts). There is no excuse not to have one.

Clients should be advised to have both. Discretionary and Unit Trusts for asset protection during your lifetime. Testamentary Trusts to capture those assets that are not already in a trust when you die. Safeguard your assets for the next generation. All three types of trust Discretionary, Unit and Testamentary Trusts are now on special.

Purchase our Unit Trust Bundle & Testamentary Trusts bundle and save $295.00. You get:

Unit Trusts

  1. Discretionary (Family) Trust
  2. Unit Trust
  3. Unit Holders Agreement

Testamentary Trusts

  1. Will creating one testamentary trust
  2. Will creating multiple testamentary trusts

All five precedents for only $399.00 including GST. (buying these precedents individually would normally cost $694.00 – that’s a saving of $295.00)

If you are not an expert in trusts or testamentary trusts, don’t worry. These precedents have been drafted by experts and come with Practice Guides that will show you how to draft and implement your trusts. Trust me, this is good value.

Trusts Bundle

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