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Our Trust Deeds Available

Trust Deeds + Free Samples are Precedents including the two most popular Trust Deeds available, as well as a Unit holder Agreement;Trust Deeds + Free Samples

  1. Family Trusts (also known as Discretionary Trusts) and
  2. Unit Trusts (normally used in business situations)
  3. Unit Holder Agreement

Where a Unit Trust is used, it is normally accompanied by a Unit Holder’s Agreement. A Unit Holder’s Agreement is an agreement between owners of units in a Unit Trust about what to do when a unit holder dies, wants to sell their units, and contains agreements about how to run the Trust and the underlying business.

Trust Deeds are legal documents that sets out the rules for establishing and operating your fund. It includes such things as the fund’s objectives, who can be a member and whether benefits can be paid as a lump sum or income stream. The trust deed and super laws together form the fund’s governing rules.

Each Trust Deed download comes with notes explaining how trusts can be created, and shows you how to create them.  Stamp duty and any other tax implications are explained. The notes cover the two most popular types of trusts in detail: Discretionary Trusts and Unit Trusts. The role of Trustee, Settlor and Appointor is explained, and best practices are suggested. The following precedents allow you to create Trusts.

Family (Discretionary) Trust Deed

A Discretionary Trust Deed suitable for a Family Trust. This Discretionary Trust Deed deed gives the trustee a power to decide the proportions in which the trust fund will be distributed among the beneficiaries

21 pages long.


Unit Trust Deed

This is a flexible Unit Trust Deed suitable for many commercial ventures where the units are generally held by the trustee of each investor’s Family Discretionary Trust.  The Unit Trust created by the precedent includes a deed between a trustee and the “initial unit holder” who contributes an amount of money which establishes the trust and creates units held by the initial unit holder.  Units can be issued to the other investors.

32 Pages long.


Unit Holders Agreement

A Unit Holders Agreement is between unit holders in a Unit Trust. Where a Unit Trust is used, it is normally accompanied by a Unit Holder’s Agreement.

14 pages long.


If this is not what you are looking for,  please do not hesitate to contact us.

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