‘This is the year I finally make a will’

If you are reading this,  it’s not too late to make a will.

Wondering where to begin? Try this.

Step 1: Will questionnaire

Reply to this email for your free Will questionnaire. You can print it out and fill in the information necessary to make a will.

Step 2: Discussion and quote

Send in your Will questionnaire and have a discussion. No obligation, no charge. The information in your will questionnaire will enable me to suggest the type of will structure you need and send you a quote.

Step 3: Check and sign

If you wish to proceed and accept our quote, we will send you a Will by email within a couple of days. Check that the details are correct and sign it in accordance with the instructions we give you. You do not need to come into the office to sign, but you are welcome to do so (no extra charge).

Once your will has been signed its finished! You may not have to make another will for 10 years or so (sooner if you marry, divorce or have a child). In the meantime, you can relax knowing that your affairs are in order.