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Statutory Demands Template new to Precedents Online

Statutory Demands Template new to Precedents Online.  These are a quick way to recover debts owed by a company. This precedent product includes concise commentary and two statutory demand precedents. One is a demand pursuant to a judgement debt, the other is a demand for a single debt. The precedents come with commentary covering:

  • Statutory Demands – overview of practice and procedure
  • What is a statutory demand?
  • Requirements of a Statutory Demand
  • Formal requirements of a Statutory Demand

The precedents set out the formal requirements of a Statutory Demand in basic form.

A Statutory Demand must be accompanied by affidavit, pursuant to section 495E (3) of the Corporations Act 2001, unless it is a judgement debt.  It is good practice to accompany all Statutory Demands by affidavit. An Affidavit is included in this precedent set.

Available now on Precedents Online.

About the Author

Statutory Demands Template new to Precedents Online

Statutory Demands Template new to Precedents Online

Statutory Demands Template new to Precedents Online

Matthew Daniels is a Barrister who practices law in Sydney with a strong focus in commercial litigation. Matthew came to the bar having obtained extensive experience working in the United Kingdom and continental Europe in commercial property and commercial asset management. Matthew provides clear and concise advice to his clients. In doing so, he advances the principle that legal complexities can and should be reduced to simpler propositions.
Matthew appears as counsel in all courts of Australia. He is available to discuss your case by appointment at his chambers in Sydney and can assist with advice, representation and advocacy at any stage of the legal process.



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