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Sick of sharing your Precedents with colleagues ??

Precedents Online


What do you get in return when you did all the work ?

Why not make money & become an author with Precedents Online……

Have you considered being a legal author? Legal authors have special recognition in the community that cannot be obtained  in any other way. The result is more money in your pocket. As a legal author, you not only receive ongoing royalties but a higher profile which translates into more clients and a more financially rewarding career.

  • Earn a 50% royalty on every thing you sell.
  • Establish a stream of passive income that continues whether you are working or not.
  • Enjoy the benefits of being an expert in your field – a published author!

We are always looking for legal authors. Our authors must be practising lawyers with relevant experience in their chosen field of publication.

Contact us via the website to become an author.  We will call you for a chat in the strictest confidence.

About Eric Kalde

Eric Kalde is an author and lawyer. He has written numerous practice guides,  legal precedents and books. His books are available on Amazon Kindle.  For more information go to:

Eric is the founder and owner of Kalde & Associates Commercial Lawyers and works there every day.  He continues to write and publish works  that help solicitors all over Australia get their work done. He is best known for his Practice Guides and Precedents for the legal profession. These are available at:

Eric continues to find innovative ways to serve the legal needs of business including the provision of online legal services and access to thousands of legal documents online.

Eric Kalde is a Member of the Law Society of New South Wales
Eric Kalde is a Member of the Law Society of New South Wales


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