Seven Factors For Business Success


1. Attracting Clients

Every business needs reliable, legal ways of attracting new clients.


2. Client / customer Selection

You must select which clients you work for or deliver to. Avoid ‘adverse selection’ engaging with those clients who end up costing you money in the long run.


3. Engagement with the client / customer

The rules of engagement should be written and accepted by every customer you serve. If you do not have terms and conditions for your engagement with clients, you are leaving yourself wide open to attack.


4. Delivery of product / service

You need to provide something in exchange for getting paid. What you deliver and the way in which you deliver will determine whether people will buy from you.


 5. Billing

You need to generate bills regularly to get paid. This helps your cashflow.


6. Debt Recovery

You must be able to recover money from those who refuse to pay you. Your rules of engagement will help you do this if you set them up the right way.


7. Fostering Client / Customer Loyalty

Clients that have already bought from you are the easiest to sell to. Find a way to communicate meaningful information to them.

Written by Eric Kalde

Eric Kalde is the author of over 30 practice guides published through the leading Australian legal publishers Precedents Online. Lawyers all over Australia rely on Eric Kalde’s precedents and practice guides in their legal practice.