Binding Financial Agreement Bundle

This comprehensive bundle includes 7 x Binding Financial Agreements.

Before Defacto

A Binding Financial Agreement before a defacto relationship.

Before Marriage

Binding Financial Agreement made before Marriage.


A Binding Financial Agreement defacto.

End of Defacto

A Binding Financial Agreement-end defacto after the end of a defacto relationship:s 90UD


Separation is intended to avoid the need for Court proceedings. It is a versatile document as it can be entered into before or during marriage, after separation or after divorce in order to record an agreement as to the division of assets between the parties. 

After Divorce

Binding Financial Agreement after Divorce is intended to avoid the need for Court proceedings. It is a versatile document as it can be entered into after divorce in order to record an agreement as to the division of assets between the parties.


A Binding Financial Agreement is made either before, during or after their relationship. Binding Financial Agreements can be made by defacto, couples of the same sex or opposite sex.





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