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share sale agreement (simple)


Share Sale Agreement (Simple)

A basic form of Share Sale Agreement.  The variables are contained in a schedule at the end of the Agreement for ease of drafting.

It includes:

§  Payment of deposit

§  exchange and completion dates

§  Vendor to deliver financials, tax returns and other documents of transfer

§  Warranties and confidentiality

§  GST clauses

Suitable for share sales which does not involve a sale of business or where the underlying business structure is simple.

This Share Sales Agreement is 9 pages long.

Share Sale Agreement

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purchase and sale agreement (PSA) is an agreement between a buyer and a seller of real estate propertycompany stock, or other assets.

The person, company, or other legal entity acquiring, receiving, and purchasing the property, stock, or other assets is referred to as the buyer and the entity disposing, conveying, and selling the assets is referred to as the seller.[1] A PSA sets out the various rights and obligations of both the buyer and seller, and might also require other documents be executed and recorded in the public records, such as an assignment, deed of trust, or farmout agreement.[2]

In the oil and natural gas industries, a PSA is the primary legal contract by which companies exchange oil and gas assets (including stock in an oil and gas business entity) for cash, debt, stock, or other assets

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