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Register a Trademark

Register a Trademark

A trade mark is a sign used in business to indicate that goods or services come from a particular trader or service provider. A trade mark can be a phrase, word, letter, name, signature, numeric device, logo, colour, symbol, picture, aspect of packaging or shape, and even a scent or sound. It can consist of words or images alone or any combination of the above signs.

A person who owns a trade mark in Australia may be able to stop other people using the same or a similar trade mark in Australia. Whether or not that person can prevent the use of that trade mark in other countries will depend on the law of those countries, and the person’s use or registration (or both) of the trade mark in those countries.

Registered trademarks (commonly designated by ®) are trademarks registered under the Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth) (Trade Marks Act) in Australia. A trademark which is still undergoing the application process and hasn’t yet been registered may be designated with a ™ symbol.

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