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Register security interests on the PPSR and manage your credit risk. The PPSR is a noticeboard only – it flags that a secured party is claiming a security interest against the personal property of a grantor. It is not a registration of actual documents. Neither is it a register of title

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PPSR Loan Agreement Template

This PPSR Loan Agreement Template provides the precedents needed to create loans secured by registration on the personal property security register (PPSR). It covers commercial loans to companies, secured by registration over circulating and non-circulating assets. The precedent loan agreement creates of a security interest that may be attached and registered on the PPSR.


The Personal Property Securities Act 2009. The Act establishes a new online security interest register called the Personal Property Securities Register, administered by the Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia (ITSA). This replaces most other current registers of security interests and establishes a system of priorities between competing interests.


PPSR Loan Agreement

A PPSR Loan Agreement that allows registration of an interest on the PPSR. Secures repayment over all present and future acquired assets


Includes clauses covering:

  • Definitions & Interpretation
    • Definitions
    • Interpretation.
  • Receipt Of Loan Advance
  • PPSA Provisions
    • Registration on PPSR
    • Contracting out
    • Rights of the Secured Party
    • Non-Disclosure
    • No further security interest
    • Further Assurance
  • Interest
    • Variable interest
    • Recalculation
    • Interest only
    • Principal and interest
    • Capitalisation of interest
  • Discharge
  • Grantor’s Warranties
  • Grantor’s Covenants
    • Payment of money
    • Insurance
  • Further Advances
  • Default
    • Powers of secured party
  • Independent Advice
  • Power Of Attorney
  • General Provisions
    • Costs
    • Severability of provisions
    • Waiver
    • Other securities
    • Notices
    • Schedule

15 pages long.





Letter to client advising-PPSR

Letter to client advising on PPSR loan agreement. Assumes your client is the lender. Explains what the PPSR Loan does, and further steps needed to implement it.



2 pages long.



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