Peter Szabo  Family Law

Peter is an acknowledged leader among Family Lawyers. He has been at the cutting edge in the development of Family Law. He was involved in the famous case of Ascot Investments and Harper. This 1980 High Court decision remains definitive of third party rights in the Family Court. His main focus now on the interaction between Family Law, asset protection and succession planning. Peter is author of the Family Law Practice Manual. His qualifications and experience are extensive and include:

  • Accredited Family  Law Specialist;
  • Fellow of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers –
  • A trained mediator; and
  • A trained collaborative lawyer

The  fusion  of  de  facto and  same  sex  couples  under   the Family Law umbrella likewise  highlights the need for families, particularly those  involved in family businesses  to consider the ramifications of these developments. Failure  to do so can result  in unwanted consequences on  family breakdown. Not to mention the emotional distress and legal costs  involved.

Financial  Agreements (often called  Prenuptial Agreements) can be constructively minimise those complications. In recent decisions of various  State Supreme Courts  testamentary intentions expressed in such  an agreement has been  taken into  consideration in determining whether to allow  a claim on an estate. A properly constructed agreement with reasonable terms  can  achieve  this  result.  Willmakers can  to this  extent add   a  defence to  a  claim   by   a  widow/widower.  This  is becoming a very  important issue with Greying Australia and the increasing incidence of Blended Families.

Other publications by Peter Szabo

  • The Family Court Practice Manual (since1985), published by the Leo Cussen Institute of Victoria and now  in its 6th  edition.
  • The Family Law Practice Manual – published by Documents Online
  • Family  Law Financial  Settlements – Law Book  Company
  • Tax Issues in Family Law – the difference between Hacking and Carving. Published on this site.
  • The Family Breakdown chapter in the CCH Master Financial  Planning  Guide
  • Numerous papers annually for presentation

to lawyers,  financial planners and accountants nationally, on all aspects  of Family  Law.

Other contributions to the legal profession 

  • Family  Law Instructor at the Leo Cussen Institute since 1978.
  • Founding Chairman of the Advisory Committee to the Accreditation Board for Family  Law Specialists in Victoria, the first specialist program in Australia.
  • Current chair of the Accredited Specialists Continuing Education Committee

A self confessed computer nerd, he has presented Nationally on   office  automation  systems.   Peter has been described  as  one   of   the Pilgrim Fathers  of technology in the Legal Profession. Now a Life Member, he was President of the Apple Users of Melbourne computer club from 1990 to 1992. He continued lecturing monthly on technology until 2005.

Peter can be contacted at  Szabo  Family Law  13/200 Queen Street Melbourne 3000  Telephone: 03 8648 6590 or by email at


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