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Are You Owed Money? Here are some tips for you

When you are owed money there are several things to you can do to get paid. Here are our tips to maximise your results:

Debt Recovery Letters

Ask yourself the debt recoverable? Make sure that a debt exists. There should be a contract of some description, if only a verbal agreement. Some goods or services would have been supplied, and an invoice issued. The importance of issuing an invoice cannot be overlooked. Sometimes it is necessary to properly issue a tax invoice before your money can be pursued further.

How do I sue someone for a debt?

Going to court is one way to get your money, but try some letters of demand first. The court’s rules require you to prove you asked for your money first before taking the matter to court. You do this by:

  • Issuing a proper tax invoice
  • Sending at least one letter of demand.

Letters of demand can be very effective, if they are worded well. Court costs money and time, so be sure you have tried everything you can with letters of demand. There are three letters of demand included in the Debt Recovery download. The first one is polite but firm. The second is more strongly worded. The third informs the debtor that court will be the next step. The Debt Recovery download includes the court forms you need to start proceedings if you are not paid in response to the letters of demand.

The letters and documents included in the Debt Recovery download are used by solicitors in our legal practice, and have a proven track record. Best of luck!

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