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Master Franchise Agreement now available !!

Master franchise Agreement is popular with service franchises. Service franchises are those which involve
the franchisee selling services rather than goods. Service franchises are common in the home
services, cleaning and courier industries. Often there will be no retail premises involved, with the
franchisee operating from home. The use of a vehicle will be a critical element of the franchise.

A feature of service franchises is the high number of individual franchisees. To avoid creating a
large head office bureaucracy master franchising can be used to delegate the responsibility of
growing, developing and monitoring the network in a territory to a master franchisee.

The grant of a master franchise is very similar to the grant of a franchise. However, the terms of
the master franchise and the responsibilities of the master franchisee are different from those of a
franchisee. A franchisor must provide a master franchisee with a disclosure document, a cooling
off period and other arrangements applicable to franchisees under the Code.

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