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Drawing up a loan agreement is easy with out precedents, but what about calculating repayments?  Loan repayments are typically calculated using a formula called amortisation. Loan amortisation is the breaking down of a loan into its monthly payments of principal and interest. We now have a loan calculator that does this for you. Simply add in the loan amount, interest rate, term, commencement date and our loan amortisation will calculate monthly repayment AND give you a schedule of all repayments over the life of the loan including the due dates! The calculation takes seconds. The loan calculator is yours free whenever you buy one of our loan products:

  • Mortgage Loan Agreements
  • PPSR Loan Agreements
  • Division 7A Loan Agreements
  • Loan Agreement (General)

Each of our loan products includes a practice guide to give you the background about how to draft your loan agreement and other important information about regulation and registration. You also get a loan calculator to calculate the repayments.



Legal Templates with free calculator  :

Loan Agreements now include free calculator Author:  Kalde Legal