Free Legal Documents

Free Legal Documents

One of the challenges of buying online can be not knowing what you are going to get. Being unable to ‘try it on’, to see how something looks and feels. Before you buy anything from this site, you can view a free sample.


How do I get my free documents?

Beneath or next each document description you will see a PDF Viewer. Clicking on that link will show you the sample document.

How do the free documents differ from paid downloads?

The free legal documents on this site come in a view format. That means you cannot edit them. The paid content comes fully formatted in Microsoft Word. We have included automatic paragraph numbers, automatic page numbering, and automatic tables of contents. All of these features update themselves whenever you delete a paragraph or move things around.

This saves hours of time when it comes to editing your document. It took us thousands of hours to format each document in this way, so we can’t give away those for free. Fair enough. We all need to make a  living somehow.

Having your document in Microsoft Word format also allow you to use it as often as you like, for as long as you like. No extra cost. That’s value.

Most online document sites give you your paid document in PDF format. You cannot edit it. You can use it only once. If you want another one for another purpose, you have to buy it again. That’s a rip off.


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