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Letters of Demand

The first step in recovering a debt is a well worded letter of demand. Initial letters of demand should be polite so that a commercial relationship can be preserved if the non-payment is merely an oversight. The intention is to let the recipient know the debt is overdue but says this in a polite way.  It also increases the likelihood of payment if the initial demand is polite.  Rude and overly threatening demands from the outset may have the effect of inducing a debtor to withhold payment. This collection contains three letters of demand, designed to be sent in sequence.

If payment is not forthcoming after the third letter of demand, then obtaining judgement via the court process and enforcement are required.

Initial Letter of Demand

Letter of Demand 1

Letter of Demand which is an initial letter of demand that is polite and assumes there may have been an oversight in not paying.  Allows 7 days for payment.

 1 page long.


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