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Are you are getting married for the first time or are you separating from a relationship, you should know how these events may have an impact on your current will.

WILL FOR GETTING MARRIED (or in contemplation)

When you are legally married in NSW your current will is no longer valid.  In the unfortunate event of passing away without an updated will your will will be “intestate” which means your will is not valid and your estate will be distributed in accordance with the law.

Whilst this may not be an issue for many first-time marriages, This may cause problems for people who have children from previous relationships (see also will for blended families).

WILL FOR DIVORCED (or in contemplation)

While it may not be a high priority while going through a separation or divorce, it is critical that this time to change your Will.

The period of separation before a divorce is a critical time to ensure your Will is updated. If you separate and then die before updating your Will, your spouse will still inherit any property you gifted to them under your Will. Likewise, if you have named your spouse as the executor of your Will, that appointment still stands.   You will need to make a new Will.

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