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Franchising Agreements + Free Samples


There has been a lot in the media recently about franchised businesses run by Retail Food Group. A lot of it refers to a Fairfax investigation into franchise operator Retail Food Group.  If you are thinking of buying a franchise, this may have given you second thoughts. Is it safe to buy a Franchise store owned by Retail Food Group?

Who has experience in franchised businesses owned by Retail Food Group?

Speak to some one who has helped their clients buy or sell a franchise from Retail Food Group. Kalde & Associates is experienced in Franchising (the purchase and sale processed of Retail Food Group). We are familiar with acting for franchisees of Retail Food Group looking to buy or sell their franchises.

Where can I get information about the Franchise I am buying?

There is some information the law requires Franchisors to disclose. Information about a specific franchise can be obtained from:

  • The Franchisee themselves, and
  • The Franchisor, and
  • The Landlord.

It is important to approach all three before committing to buy a franchise. This is best done via an expert lawyer. A lawyer experienced in franchising is the best to ask. A lawyer experienced in dealing with the Franchisor you are looking to deal with is even better. Call Kalde & Associates if you are thinking of buying a franchise.





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