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Eric Kalde has over 20 years experience as a commercial lawyer. The firm is based in Crows Nest and covers a wide range of commercial law.

Previously a best-selling author on Smokeball, prior to publishing on our site.

Eric has published material on this site, Documents Online (practice guides) and Amazon Kindle. His material available from this site is listed below:

Kalde on Kindle

Books available on Kindle:

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Eric Kalde is an author and lawyer. He has written numerous practice guides,  legal precedents and books. His books are available on Amazon Kindle.  For more information go to: amazon.com/author/kalde

Eric is the founder and owner of Kalde & Associates Commercial Lawyers and works there every day.  He continues to write and publish works  that help solicitors all over Australia get their work done. He is best known for his Practice Guides and Precedents for the legal profession. 

Eric continues to find innovative ways to serve the legal needs of business including the provision of online legal services and access to thousands of legal documents online.