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Employment Contracts


What is the purpose of an employment contract?
An employment contract is an agreement between you and your employee. It can be written or verbal, but a clearly written contract can help: you both to understand your employee’s rights to certain pay and conditions. manage your employee’s expectations of their new role.


employment contract
employment contract

employment contract


Employment Contract Template covers all aspects of law including: letter confirming employment, deed of release on termination.

employment contract bundle


Save  with the employment bundle.

employment contract for bdm


Employment Contract Agreement for a Business Development Manager (BDM) with incentives for performance. In the form of a letter confirming employment

Deed of release on termination

A Deed of Release on Termination of Employment is a general release on termination of employment due to redundancy

recruitment agency T&C's

Recruitment Agency Terms & Conditions (long) is for an of a recruitment agent to find applicants

sales consultancy agreement


This Sales Consultancy Agreement Contract  is most suitable for sales of financial products, property and shares for commission only.

drug & alcohol policy


A policy to facilitate drug testing of employees in a company. Extends to employees, contractors and visitors.

part time employment contract

Part Time Employment Contract

  This precedent is aagreement for part-time employment, suitable for employees of employment on a permanent part-time basis

employment contract with schedule


Employment Contract with variables in a Schedule, with introduction and operative part.

Letter Confirming appointment


A Letter Confirming Employment + Schedule is great If  you’re a boss or employer, a proof of employment letter.

employee restraint of trade

Employee restraint of trade deed. To be used when hiring an employee

recruitment agency T&C's short version

Recruitment Agency Terms & Conditions (short) for short-term, inexpensive introductions of unskilled workers to employers

real estate consultancy agreement


This Real Estate Consultancy Agreement is most suitable for sales of real estate for commission only. 

workplace health & safety-covid 19


This Workplace Health Policy can be used to provide a policy which outlines the approach a business takes to ensure the health and safety of employees at work.

termination letter


General release on termination of employment