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Download our 3 Letters of Demand Templates.

Letter of Demand 1

An initial letter of demand that is polite and assumes there may have been an oversight in not paying. Allows 7 days for payment. 

Letter of Demand 2

A more threatening letter that mentions legal proceedings and gives 7 days to pay.

Letter of Demand 3

Gives a further 7 days to pay before proceedings are commenced. Outline costs of proceedings and that these may be added to the debt.

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Late payment and non-payment of debts can have very serious effects on small and large businesses alike.



The first step in recovering a debt is a well worded letter of demand. It is helpful to recommend a client issue a demand of their own. This puts the debtor on notice that they are seriously overdue and foreshadows the matter being passed to a solicitor.

There are many further steps you can take to recovery debt and include further letters.

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