Independent Contractors certainly have a lot to consider when operating their business, and an  Independent Contractor Agreement is very important to protect your business.

For example, establishing details and the nature of the partnership can provide protection for your business.

The following are reasons you should have a Independent Contractor Agreement with your clients.

Mutual Understanding  

A contract at the start of your relationship with your client will take into consideration all the little nuances that could actually become big factors in the partnership down the track.

In an Independent Contractor Agreement, each party’s responsibilities (such as payment, delivery, and quality assurance) are clearly laid out and defined.

Getting Paid 

You might also be thinking about all the financial details you’d like to outline in your contract.

  • When and how you’d like to be paid ie.  Terms & Conditions of payment
  • Whether you’ll be charging a deposit before the start of work.
  • Costs outside of the project (additional expenses such as travel costs) and who covers them.

Of course, you want to be paid properly, and your client won’t want any surprises on their invoice.

Property & Ownership

Intellectual property includes any copyrights, trademarks, and other rights associated with the product. Intellectual property determines which party owns the product and is able to use (or even reproduce) it as they like.

As a freelancer, you might run into issues regarding ownership rights. There are other contracts available on Precedents Online that you can provide an annexure to this.   If all you want is recognition as the author of your work, be sure to include an intellectual property clause in your  contract.