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Australian Legal Templates

‘Doing it yourself’ has become possible in many fields of endeavour, thanks to the internet. The internet has become humanity’s repository of knowledge and resources. It is now possible to download the knowledge, plans and tips to do anything from building treehouses to planning your own funeral. Even legal work is now in the domain of ‘DIY’.

Although it may be possible to do it yourself, is it a good idea? As a lawyer, you might expect me to say ‘no’ to this question, in the interests of preserving work for my professional colleagues and I. Have a go I say! If you think you can do it, give it a crack. It’s as Australian as a day at the beach, barbecues and watching the footy. As a nation, we are a resourceful and adventurous bunch. Whether or not you actually want to do your own legal work is up to you. And to what extent

DIY Legal Documents