Leasing – Covid 19 Variation

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Leasing Covid 19 Variation


Updated Practice Guide and Precedents

Leasing (Covid 19) package

This precedent package includes practice guides,  letters to lessees and landlords,  an application form for rent relief. There is also a Deed of Temporary Variation of Lease so that agreements when reached are captured in writing.

The practice guides includes commentary on the National Cabinet Mandatory Code Of Conduct and a further practice guide on the subsequent laws enacted in New South Wales. When you purchase this guide you receive all practice guides and precedents emailed to you immediately.


Precedents included:

  1. Letter  –  precedent – initial response to a tenant who approaches landlord for a rent reduction
  2. Letter –  precedent – to landlord advising
  3. Application form for rent relief – a form for the tenant to fill out requesting information to substantiate their need for rent relief.
  4. Letter from landlord to tenant in holding over
  5. Letter from landlord to tenant requesting information
  6. Letter from landlord to tenant with two years or less to run on the lease
  7. Deed of Temporary Variation of Lease – precedent
  8. Practice guide
  9. Copy of the National Cabinet Mandatory Code of Conduct

Rent concessions are not automatic and should not be granted on an automatic basis. Any rent concessions agreed to should be on the basis of proof submitted by the tenant.

Agreements for deferment or waiver should be documented precisely to protect both the landlord and the tenant. Further, they should be in the form of a Deed. Legislation governing real estate in most states and territories requires that real estate instruments be in the form of a deed in order to effect a change in the interest in land. Most of the arrangements being put in place as the result of the coronavirus are temporary. The Deed precedent included in this pack makes it clear that once conditions return to normal the original financial terms of the lease are resumed.

This precedent set gives you forms of a Deed for the Temporary Variation of a Lease that can be used for all types of commercial tenancies, industrial tenancies and retail tenancies.

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Leasing (Covid 19) package for landlords.



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Leasing – what happens next?

The Retail and Other Commercial Leases (COVID-19) Regulation 2021 (NSW) has come into force and now the  Retail and Other Commercial Leases (COVID-19) Amendment Regulation 2021 (NSW) has amended those regulations.

Landlords and tenants have again been negotiating agreements regarding rent due to lockdowns in 2021.

What happens now? We have updated our popular Covid 19 Leasing practice guide to include commentary on the new changes in the law. New precedents have also been added.

The precedent set includes a letter to send to the tenant and one to the landlord to begin negotiation together with an application form for the tenant to fill out.  A precedent Deed for the Temporary Variation of a Lease is included for recording agreements in writing. A concise Practice Guide with links to legislation is also included. Our earlier Practice Guide from 2020 is also included included.

The new Practice Guide answers such questions as:

What are the start and end dates to the new legislation?

What are the new prohibitions and restrictions under the new legislation?

What about issues arising from non-pandemic reasons?

What rules apply to deferrals and waivers which one should I implement?

Must a tenant still pay outgoings?

What happens if a landlord and tenant cannot agree?


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