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What is included

A Deed of Settlement with Consent Orders is a powerful tool for resolving disputes. It combines the benefits of a mutually agreed settlement with the enforceability of a court order. This document ensures that the agreed terms are legally binding and can be enforced by the court if necessary, providing greater security and finality to the resolution of the dispute. By clearly outlining the responsibilities and obligations of each party and incorporating the approval of a court, this deed helps to ensure a fair and amicable settlement.


This document is in the form of a Deed. For use in the settlement of court proceedings.

The agreement covers:

time for payment
Filing consent orders
Mutual Release


Definitions and Interpretation
Terms of Settlement
Release and Discharge
Bar to Actions
No Admission of Liability

Part 1 – Definitions

Part 2 – Interpretation

For use in situations where court proceedings have been commenced and are now resolved. 6 pages long.

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What is a Deed of Settlement

A Deed of Settlement with Consent Orders is a legal document used to resolve disputes that not only outlines the terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties involved but also incorporates the approval and enforceability of a court. The inclusion of consent orders means that the settlement terms are recognized and sanctioned by the court, making them legally binding and enforceable as a court order.

Key Elements

Key Elements of a Deed of Settlement with Consent Orders

  1. Parties Involved:

    • Identification of all parties involved in the dispute, including their legal names and contact information.
  2. Recitals:

    • Background information explaining the context of the dispute and the reasons for the settlement.
  3. Settlement Terms:

    • Detailed terms and conditions of the settlement, including any payments to be made, actions to be taken, or obligations to be fulfilled by each party.
  4. Release of Claims:

    • Clauses where each party agrees to release the other from any further legal claims related to the dispute.
  5. Confidentiality:

    • Provisions ensuring that the terms of the settlement and any related information remain confidential.
  6. Non-Admission of Liability:

    • A statement that the settlement does not constitute an admission of liability by any party.
  7. Governing Law:

    • The legal jurisdiction governing the deed of settlement.
  8. Dispute Resolution:

    • Procedures for resolving any disputes that may arise regarding the interpretation or implementation of the settlement terms.
  9. Consent Orders:

    • A section that outlines the agreed terms to be submitted to the court for approval as consent orders, making them enforceable as a court order.
  10. Execution:

    • Signatures of all parties involved, indicating their agreement to the terms and conditions of the settlement.
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