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When Court Proceedings are SettledDeed of Settlement & Release

Terms of Settlement & Release

This Deed of Settlement Agreement document is in the form of a deed with common provisions relating to release and discharge of court proceedings including:

  • Bar to actions
  • No admission of liability
  • GST
  • Confidentiality
  • Warranties by parties
  • Counterparts, execution
  • Costs
  • Severance
  • Variations
  • Further assurances

Definitions and interpretation provisions are located in a schedule at the back making it easier to read and draft.

7 pages long.

 A Deed of Settlement Agreement occurs when court proceedings are settled, they are finalised by signing an Agreement  The agreement below are created for that purpose.

This  is a formal document that contains the agreement between the parties to settle the dispute. 

A  document that contains the agreement between the parties to settle the dispute. Before you draft or sign a deed of release, you should get legal advice. 


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