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Acknowledgement of Debt Letter

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Letter of demand checklist

  • Have you have already tried friendlier means to recover the debt, such as a polite phone call or late payment reminder letters?
  • Does it include precisely accurate information? Could anyone say that something in the letter is false or misleading?
  • Does it include a late payment interest rate? (This should only be included if it was specified in the contract.)
  • Does it inform the hirer of any action you are not willing to take? (You should only mention action that you are prepared to take.)
  • Is it polite and respectful? (It shouldn’t harass the hirer.)
  • Have you signed and dated it?
  • Have you attached copies of all relevant supporting documentation? (For example, a contract, invoice, first and second late payment reminder letters and any relevant emails, faxes or letters.)
  • Have you kept a copy of the original documents and the signed letter of demand?

Important: Make sure you send the letter by registered post and that you request a ‘signed proof of delivery’ card (keep this card in case you need it as evidence in court later).


Deed of Acknowledgement of Debt

Deed of Acknowledgment of Debt is an instrument by which a debtor acknowledges his or her indebtedness to the creditor and the amount of the debt. … If you require legal advice in relation to Acknowledgements of Debt, please contact us to arrange a meeting so that we may consider your specific circumstances.




This Deed of acknowledgement of debt is set out in traditional deed format including provisions relating to:

  • Definitions
  • Interpretation
  • Bar to actions
  • No admission of liability
  • GST
  • Confidentiality
  • Warranties by parties
  • Counterparts, execution
  • Costs
  • Severance
  • Variations
  • Further assurances

This Deed of Acknowledgement of Debt is 7 pages long.

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