Debt Recovery Letters

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Debt Recovery Letters

The first step in Debt Recovery Letters is a well worded letter of demand. It is helpful to recommend a client issue a demand of their own. This puts the debtor on notice that they are seriously overdue and foreshadows the matter being passed to a solicitor. After the client’s demand a formal letter of demand should come from the solicitor’s office.

Detailed descriptions of each of the documents appear below

Debt Recovery Letters

Initial Letter of Demand

An initial letter of demand that is polite and assumes there may have been an oversight in not paying. Allows 7 days for payment.


Letter of Demand mentioning Legal Proceedings

A more threatening letter that mentions legal proceedings and gives 7 days to pay.



Letter of Demand Giving a Further 7 Days

Gives a further 7 days to pay before proceedings are commenced. Outline costs of proceedings and that these may be added to the debt.


Statement of Liquidated Claim

The UCPR form into which the various forms of pleading may be included.

Form 1

Form required to be affixed to the Statement of Claim when served outside NSW.

These documents are drafted to be used by solicitors. If you are representing yourself, delete references to solicitor and law firm.

Author:  Eric Kalde


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