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Company Constitutions

Company Constitutions

Company Constitutions are legally required documents that governs the running of the company. It covers matters including:-





  • Structure
  • Objectives
  • Directors Roles
  • Power and Entitlements
  • Meetings
  • Voting
  • Classes of Shares
  • Transferring Shares,
  • Cancellation of Shares
  • Profits and Dividends
  • General administration

The constitution for a company usually needs to be retained with the company records. These Company Constitutions Templates  are fully formatted in Microsoft word, ready to download edit and use.

propriety limited company consitution

Proprietary Limited Company Constitution

‘Proprietary’ means ‘private’, and is the most popular for small businesses, to hold investments and to act as a trustee for private trusts. The ‘Pty Ltd’ stands for ‘Proprietary Limited’, and is the most common form of company.  



This Proprietary Limited Company Constitutions Template Provides for:

  1. A single Director and single Secretary, or
  2. Board of Directors with a Secretary;
  3. Shareholders holding one Class of share;
  4. Limited Liability

This Proprietary Limited Company Constitution for this Company needs to be retained with the Company Records.

 48 pages long.


public company constitution

Public Company Constitution  

A Public Company Constitution differs from a Proprietary Limited Company by being able to have more than 50 shareholders. They are used where the Company is to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The number of Directors must be a minimum of three (3), and must have a Secretary.


The Constitution for this Company allows the company to be floated on the ASX but is not required.

41 pages long.


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Author:-  Eric Kalde

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