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Will-single-compressed     Will TemplatesA collection of Will Templates.  Each Will Agreement Template is in word format.  Download once, save and reuse.  No memberships or subscriptions required. Back to Main Menu Contact Us Email:...

Joint Will

Will-for-couples-1     Joint Will (+Children)Download a Joint Will in word format.  Save Will for Couples, edit and reuse as many times as you need. Back to Main Menu Contact Us Email: Joint Will Template (+Children) A Joint...

Trusts Bundle

Family-Discretionary-Trust-docsonline-compressed     Trusts BundleDownload Trusts Bundle and Save $$$.  Simply download edit, save and reuse as many times as you need. Back to Main Menu Contact Us Email: Trusts Bundle Download...

Will in Contemplation of Divorce

While it may not be a high priority while going through a separation or divorce, it is critical that you change your Will.The period of separation before a divorce a critical time to ensure your Will is updated. If you separate and then die before updating your Will, your spouse will still inherit any property you gifted to them under your Will. Likewise, if you have named your spouse as the executor of your Will, that appointment still stands.   You will need to make a new Will.

Will for Couples

A Will for Couples is important even though you may not consider yourself rich, but no matter where you believe you stand on the socio-economic ladder, you always need a Will.

Single Will Template

Single Will Template designed for a single person (no spouse). Includes drafting notes and instructions on signing.

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